The Effect Of Soil Thermal Resistivity (Rho) On Underground Power Cable Installations
Basic information about the thermal properties of soil for the electrical power engineer.

Understanding How Rho Changes With Changing Density, Temperature, Composition, And Water Content Of Backfill
Get the best possible thermal resistivity measurements by understanding the principal factors affecting rho.

KD2 Compliance To ASTM And IEEE Standards
ASTM updated the standard in 2008, the IEEE update is in progress. Read about the current state of the art, the current state of the standards, and how the KD2 Pro measures up.

How To Reduce Contact Resistance Errors In Thermal Properties Measurements
Thermal needle measurements require good contact with the sample. Discover how to get accurate measurements in dry granular materials, especially those with large grain size.

Certification of KD2 Pro Compliance To ASTM D5334-08
The KD2 Pro manufactured by Decagon Devices is fully compatible with and complies to ASTM D5334-08 Standard Test Method of Determination of Thermal Conductivity of Soil and soft Rock by Thermal Needle Probe Procedure.


Thermal Testing Lab
A Decagon partner company offers thermal properties testing. HeatPulse 2008

Thermal Runaway
Better thermal properties measurements can help avert crises like the one that crippled Auckland, New Zealand in 1998. Soils News 1999

Thermal Resistivity of Porous Materials
Variables with the largest influence on backfill resistivity: quartz content, water content, and compaction. HeatPulse 2007

Finding the R Value of Insulation
A quick and portable way to measure the thermal resistivity of insulation. HeatPulse 2007

Thermal Conductivity in Liquids
Measuring thermal conductivity in liquids is challenging but possible. HeatPulse 2006

Thermal Units Conversion Chart
HeatPulse 2006

Thermal Properties of Martian Soil
Discovering how to measure thermal properties in a very chilly place. HeatPulse 2006


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